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Hi. Please call me Tia.

I am an experienced creative and marketing professional adept at overseeing the full-circle process, from inception to management. I lead teams to create compelling brand narratives, products and experiences. My expert approach blends creativity, research, psychological insight and leadership to drive functional collaboration that yields exceptional results. I thrive in converting challenges into success stories and my results speak for themselves.

My strength lies in telling your story.

The story of your brand, your product, your idea.  From start to finish, I love the entire process, even the logistics.  The more personalities involved, the greater the challenge… and the greater the opportunity to create something magical.


Click the links below to view my work.

Points of interest about my process.


I am an excellent wrangler of stakeholders, teams, budgets and timelines.​​

Results Focused

I always drive to meet and exceed the ask.​

Productive Collaboration

Facilitating productive solutions between various talented and opinionated people is one of my favorite things.​

Voice of Reason

I am oddly good at diffusing egos and getting to the heart of the project.​

Creative Ability

​I am never afraid to defend a position or break new ground.​

Strategic Thinking

Putting the puzzle pieces together in ways that actually work is one of my strong suits.​

Brand Direction

Telling others who you are and what you do in a way that makes them want you is where my expertise lies.

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