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Microsoft:  Product Design

As Director of Creative & Strategy, I was asked by Microsoft to staff and lead a new creative studio focused on the development of Consumer tech solutions that bridged the gap between work and home. This was a net-new endeavor for the company, which necessitated a multi-faceted approach to the work and a myriad of skill sets.


Our studio services included:

  • Research & Benchmarking

  • Market Analysis & Audience Targeting

  • Needs/Priorities Identification

  • Solution Roadmapping

  • Product Branding

  • UX/Interface Design & Refinement

  • Dev Collaboration

  • Focus Groups/User Testing

  • Logistics Management

  • Pitches & Presentations

In addition to leading this team of fun and talented creative professionals, my responsibilities included liaising with other departments, winning executive support and managing external resources and logistics. It was a pleasure every day to develop new and exciting solutions that help us all navigate life with a little more grace and a much lighter heart.

Shown here are some early-stage product concepts and designs.

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