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State Farm:  Brand Revitalization

I was hired as the company’s first Global Brand Lead, to launch a brand oversite team for a company whose name was already legend in the insurance and banking space, For nearly a century at that point, State Farm had been successful. in large part, because of its reputable business practices. Its Marketing Department had only been formalized fifteen years prior, and the company had no official brand team at all. In addition, customers had begun leaving the company for a new generation of competitor brands whose messaging appealed to younger audiences and enticed new customers.

Formalizing the State Farm brand into a comprehensive tool set and building a new, accessible brand site were the first steps. I led this effort, assisted by external vendors and internal legacy partners, in an effort to clearly understand the company’s history, then translate it into a brand presence that resonated with the next generation of consumers. To connect with younger audiences, a strong sense of humor was infused into brand messaging. And to ensure understanding and adoption company-wide, my team and I travelled extensively to introduce the new State Farm brand to employees, and to ensure awareness and use of the new tools put in place for its promotion.

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