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Microsoft:  Cortana Brand Strategy

In my first role at Microsoft, I managed the Cortana brand presence, as it first developed into a stand-alone Consumer-facing product.


The Cortana brand was in early stages when I took over its development. I worked with Corporate Branding and Engineering to define a clear voice and identity for the Cortana product, and to create guidelines for how that branding was applied in various media and messaging.


I provided casting, logistics management and onsite direction of photo and video shoots, including product and lifestyle. My team worked with an external agency to curate and catalog an easy-to-use image library for the new brand. Managing multiplel vendors, I also developed several Cortana-specific sites that provided brand assets and toolkits to internal departments, support teams, vendors and external partners.


In addition, I provided brand consultation to the marketing team, and managed budgets, timelines, research, internal partnerships and resource management.

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