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MHS:  Facility Design & Wayfinding

As the first Facility Design & Wayfinding Lead for Memorial Health System, I was tasked to design a system-wide update to all facility interiors and exteriors across the MHS properties. Many of the structures were acquired or expanded over multiple years, and the overall appearance of the brand's locations was becoming disjointed and outdated. After researching the psychology of colors. textures and materials used to evoke specific emotional responses, my team and I developed a series of warm and inviting palettes designed to inspire confidence and promote a soothing environment.

Our second charge was to improve the wayfinding system across all MHS campuses and bring consistency to exterior signage and branding. This project required implementing new navigational tech solutions, universalizing the discordant building signage styles into a single design, and dividing difficult-to-navigate areas into localized "zones" to simplify maps and directions. 

The end result was a collection of medical campuses across the state that could be clearly identified as belonging to the MHS family, a suite of new, user-friendly wayfinding tools that worked for patients, visitors, faculty and staff, and interior spaces that provided a calm and confident ambiance.

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