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Leticia M. Haynes

My strength lies in storytelling – the story of your brand, your product, your idea.

From start to finish, I love the entire process, even the logistics.

The more personalities involved, the greater the challenge…

and the greater the opportunity to create something magical.


My medical background gives me a deeper-than-average understanding of the healthcare world. My experience in marketing, interiors and tech for this space make me a multi-faceted asset.

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Tech Products

As Creative & Strategy Director, I built and led a creative studio that specialized in designing tech products that solve real world problems. 

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My career has included work with multiple ad agencies and has allowed me to impact some of the biggest brands in the biz.

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I've done both creative work and marketing for some of the big brands in themed entertainment. They say not to fall in love with your clients, but it's hard with brands like these.

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Finance & Insurance

I led the team that refreshed the brand of a century-old giant in the F&I space, allowing them to work smarter and connect with the next generation of customers.


Strategy & Leadership

In addition to creative, I specialize in marketing strategy and teambuilding. Cheers to left-brain and right-brain thinking, which allows me to keep strategy and logistics in mind while leading creative teams/projects. Mentoring those on my teams is another aspect of the work I find so exciting and rewarding.

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